This has been such a popular blazer! I’ve seen it on Ashley Benzo from Pretty Little Liars and Erica Dasher from Jane By Design. Now Reshma is wearing it! 

Blazer: Blazer with zip at the waist
Designer: Zara
Price: Orig $129 Sale $99 

Blazer: Natalia Crop Jacket
Designer: BCBG
Price: Orig $228, Sale $114 

Shirt/Skirt: Myla Top worn with a Tulip Skirt
Designer: Yumi Kim 
Price: Shirt $128, Skirt $139 

Dress: Darcy Dress with Floral Print and back cutout detail
Designer: Erdem
Price: Orig $1735, Sale $869

Dress: Smock it to Me purple ruffle dress
Designer: Rebecca Taylor
Price: $295 

Top: Sailboat Piped Jess Cami 
Designer: Milly
Price: $244  (This one comes in a Cerulean.)

Dress: Capreena Mini Dress in Spice Red
Designer: Diane Von Furstenberg
Price: $325

To the anon who wanted to know about Evan’s shirt, I was right! It’s made by J. Crew, which was what I thought at first but couldn’t find it on the website!

Shirt: Morton Madras Cotton Shirt 
Designer: J. Crew 
Price: $73 

Anonymous asked:
I really like the shirt Evan is wearing in this scene where he's hitting Hank's car with a golf club. I've searched around on the web, but haven't had much luck. Any idea who makes it?

I don’t actually know :( But I’m looking for it right now. But if you want something similar I would suggest J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. They both make a similar plaid that has the pockets that are well aligned with the plaid pattern. 

On Paige:
Bracelet: White Enamel and Coral Branch cuff
Designer: Kenneth Jay Lane
Price: £165.00  or ~ $237.80 

On Divya:
Necklace: Coral Charm Necklace (in black)
Designer: Kenneth Jay Lane
Price: $42.00 (Sold out!)